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We unleash complex data from vision, thermal, UV, X-ray, IoT inputs and structure it into systematic & insightful information

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Pixuate's Video Incident Detection System (VIDS) can capture vehicles moving in wrong direction or parked in unauthorized locations. It can also detect pedestrian movement, triple riding on two-wheelers, and if drivers are wearing safety gears such as helmets or seat belts. The violation incidences can be detected during the day as well as in the night using IR illuminators. It can capture vehicles even if they are moving at a speed of 160 kmph. The system generates easy-to-download and simple-to-understand reports with HD image evidence and timestamps.
Pixuate's Speed Calming System (SCS) captures number plates of vehicles and their speed using an advanced thermal camera. It displays those figures in real-time on a gantry, with a customizable message for drivers to slow down.   Just like our other solutions, this system too operates 24/7 in all weather conditions. It is low maintenance and captures the speed of a vehicle with a 99+% accuracy even if it is moving at 160 kmph.
Pixuate's AI-NVR is an intelligent system that captures defined events in IP camera streams, such as vehicle and people entering premises, meeting room occupancy, safety gear violations, and no-go zone monitoring. It can be configured to send alerts to a centralized monitoring station.


Seamless integration across existing Hardware & Software setup

High Accuracy Levels

Highest levels of accuracy achieved via advanced algorithms making it the industry standard

Real-Time Analytics

Our Edge processing technology enables immediate data processing without relying on cloud-based processing

Data Security

Platform designed with privacy and security of data at the forefront

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Pixuate has achieved unmatched accuracy in the most challenging environments; offering custom-built ready-to-use solutions and strategic integration for industry excellence.

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Pixuate AIoT Platform: Unleashing powerful hardware-software solutions, revolutionizing enterprises and governments with unmatched video analytics
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