Transforming Cattle Identity: AI-Driven Muzzle Matching Application for Accurate Identification

Cattle Muzzle Matching API

Precise and reliable identification without invasive methods such as RFID tags or expensive methods like retina scanning
User-friendly applications and web interfaces that simplify record-keeping and streamline cattle management processes, enhancing efficiency and ensuring effective data management

Key Features

Accurate and Non-Invasive Biometric Identification  
Our platform can accurately identify individual cattle based on their unique muzzle patterns. Through advanced AI modelling, our system captures detailed and distinctive features of each animal's muzzle, which has enabled minimal errors and false identifications.  This non-invasive biometric identification method ensures precise and reliable identification without causing discomfort or distress to animals.
Easy Integration with Existing Cattle Management Systems
Easy API (Application Programming Interfaces) based integration with existing software and hardware infrastructure, minimizing disruption during implementation. Our platform is designed to work in conjunction with other management tools such as weight tracking systems, feed management systems, and financial management platforms.
Scalability and Adaptability
Existing smart phone can be used – no need of additional hardware and no extra setup cost. Easy to register a new muzzle and verify at any point of time.

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