Speed Violation Detection (SVD)

Accurately detect vehicles exceeding speed limits, capture number plates using Pixuate ANPR and generate evidence for enforcement. Ensure safer roads for all stakeholders. Proven to detect with 99% accuracy

Key Features

Real-time Speed Detection

Instantly identifies vehicles exceeding speed limits, ensuring proactive enforcement and safer roads

Number Plate Capture

Captures vehicle number plates for accurate identification and gathering evidence

Automated Reporting

Generates comprehensive reports with timestamped images, aiding in efficient law enforcement and violation management

Advantages of Pixuate Speed Violation Detection Platform

Enhanced Road Safety: Pixuate platform helps enforce speed limits, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting safer driving habits

Accurate Speed Detection: With advanced AI algorithms, our platform provides precise speed measurements, ensuring reliable violation detection

Efficient Traffic Management: By monitoring and capturing speed violations in real-time, our platform assists in optimizing traffic flow and reducing road congestion

Streamlined Enforcement: The system generates automated reports and evidence, simplifying the enforcement process and enabling effective action against speed violators. It has the ability to be integrated with the e-VAHAN portal for challan generation

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