Powerful Business Solutions

Complex AI solutions involving multicamera analytics designed for solving realworld problem.
High Accuracy Footfall Count (HAFC)

Discover Pixuate's Footfall Count (HAFC) solution for precise footfall analytics. Continuous detection, centralized results, powerful analytics, and versatile applications for actionable insights

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Traffic Audits

Get accurate traffic insights with Pixuate's Traffic Audits. AI analytics, real-time video processing, and number plate recognition provide data-driven decisions and enhanced traffic management

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Planogram Analysis

Smart Shelf Space Analysis for optimized product placement, data-driven decisions, and enhanced shelf visibility to maximize revenue and sales

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Customer Insights

Discover demographics, footfall trends, and loyalty records. Leverage data-driven decisions for personalized marketing and customer engagement

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Crowd Detection

Accurate counting of people, heatmap visualization and anomalies or intruder detection for safety and security

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Safety Gear Detection

Ensure worker safety with Pixuate's advanced AI technologiesV. Detect safety gear, monitor lone workers, and prevent fire incidents. Promote compliance and a safer workplace

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Face Recognition System

Boost security and efficiency with Pixuate's face recognition API. Enhance access control, attendance tracking, and identity verification using advanced technology

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Speed Violation Detection (SVD)

Ensure road safety with Pixuate's Advanced Speed Violation Detection (SVD) system. High accuracy, seamless integration, and comprehensive service for real-time speed detection and penalty enforcement.

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Parking Violation Detection

Detect over speeding & stalled vehicles, capture number plates with the proof of act, and send timely alerts for hassle-free parking operations

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Remote Asset Monitoring

Efficiently monitor remote assets with Pixuate's AI solutions. Real-time insights, anomaly detection, and predictive maintenance for enhanced operational efficiency and risk mitigation

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Vehicle Incident Detection System (VIDS)

"Improve road safety and incident response with Pixuate's AIoT vehicle incident detection system. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, computer vision, and IoT technologies, our platform enables real-time detection and analysis of vehicle incidents. From accidents to breakdowns, our intelligent video analytics and sensor integration provide prompt alerts and actionable insights to facilitate quick response and mitigate risks.

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Red Light Violation Detection System (RLVD)

Explore Pixuate's traffic signal violation detection system and impose red light violation fines with proof

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Automatic Vehicle Count & Classification System [AI-AVCC]

Revolutionize vehicle audits with AI-AVCC, an advanced camera-based system for automatic vehicle count, ANPR, and incident detection. Enhance highway management in smart cities with global shutter cameras through Pixuate

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Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

Secure your premises with Pixuate's AI-enabled Intruder Detection System. Real-time alerts, seamless integration, and advanced camera technology for robust security.

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