Planogram Analysis

Streamline your shelf space management, optimize product placement, and gain valuable insights into brandwise product count, share of shelf space, and rate of product movement

Key Features

Brandwise Product Count

Utilize Pixuate's AI to accurately identify and count SKUs of specific brands on the shelf. Automate the tedious process of planogram analysis, significantly reducing turnaround time while ensuring reliable results

Share of Shelf Space

Brands can now track the share of shelf space allocated by retailers using intelligent analysis of shelf occupancy for competitor brand products. Gain a competitive edge by making data-driven decisions for optimal shelf allocation

Analyze Rate of Product Movement

Gain real-time insights into shelf replenishment needs by tracking the rate at which products are picked up from the shelf. Improve inventory management and reduce stockouts for enhanced customer satisfaction

Optimize shelf space, streamline analysis, and enhance visibility and take data-driven decisions for efficient retail performance
  • Optimize Shelf Space: Maximize the effectiveness of your shelf space by understanding which brands and products attract the most attention from customers, leading to better product positioning and increased sales
  • Streamlined Analysis: Replace manual planogram analysis with automation, saving time and effort while improving accuracy and reliability in gathering critical retail data
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Leverage data-backed insights to make informed decisions on product assortment, pricing strategies, and promotions, ensuring better shelf performance and higher revenue
  • Enhanced Shelf Visibility: Analyze product movement and popularity to ensure that high-demand items are prominently displayed, enhancing shelf visibility and customer convenience

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