Recognize and extract data from engraved and embossed characters on object surfaces or from images, even in challenging scenarios such as rotating objects, objects in high-speed, low-light conditions, and more
Capable of reading text from any surface type
Recognize and extract in predefined formats
Works irrespective of rotation, high-speed capture or low-light conditions
Easy compatibility with hardware systems

Key Features

Versatile Surface Compatibility
Pixuate's OCR API is capable of reading text from any surface type, including engraved characters on metal surfaces, hand-painted characters, and even shiny surfaces. This ensures flexibility in capturing data from various sources and materials.
Predefined Format Recognition
The OCR API excels at recognizing and extracting alphanumeric values in predefined formats. Whether it's identifying specific patterns, codes, or structured data, Pixuate's OCR technology simplifies the extraction process for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.
Handling Corner Cases
With advanced algorithms and robust image processing capabilities, the OCR API handles challenging scenarios such as rotation, high-speed capture, low-light conditions, and more. It ensures reliable and accurate text recognition even in less-than-ideal environments.
Integration with Hardware Systems
When combined with compatible hardware systems, Pixuate's OCR API achieves superior image quality and enables lightning-fast processing. This integration ensures clear and optimized data extraction, further enhancing the overall efficiency of your workflows.


What are some common use cases for Pixuate's OCR API?

>> Pixuate's OCR API serves important use cases such as audits, process validation, assembly line or manufacturing components tracking, where capturing and extracting key data from images or object surfaces is essential. It eliminates the need for tedious manual data entry and streamlines workflows for improved productivity.
Can the OCR API read characters on unconventional surfaces?

>> Yes, Pixuate's OCR API is designed to read text from a wide range of surfaces, including engraved characters on metal surfaces, hand-painted characters, and even shiny surfaces. Its versatility allows you to extract data from various sources with ease.
Does the OCR API handle difficult scenarios such as rotated or poorly lit text?

>> Absolutely. The OCR API is equipped with advanced algorithms to handle corner cases, including text rotation, high-speed capture, low-light conditions, and other challenging scenarios. It ensures accurate text recognition and extraction, regardless of the environmental conditions.
Can the OCR API be integrated with hardware systems for improved performance?

>> Yes, Pixuate's OCR API can be seamlessly integrated with compatible hardware systems. By combining the API with dedicated hardware, you can achieve clear image quality and benefit from superfast processing, optimizing the data extraction process and enhancing overall performance.

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