Intruder Detection System

Reliable round-the-clock surveillance automation with zero false alerts. Robust perimeter monitoring solution for industries, high-security premises, and homes, ensuring enhanced security and peace of mind

Key Features

No false alerts

Detects human movement only by eliminating background movements

Realtime notifications

Sends real time alert and notifications of violations and defaults

Powerful analytics dashboard

Powerful analytics dashboard helps track every event and store log for future audit and compliance

Enhancing Surveillance with Intelligent Zones, Intrusion Alerts, and Tailored Reports

  • Users can mark specific zones of interest to monitor for the presence of people, along with customizable time settings
  • Alerts and notifications can be promptly issued whenever there is a human intrusion within the monitored area
  • Continuous alerts will be generated for each instance of intrusion
  • Report generation can be configured for multiple cameras and sites, allowing the generation of daily, weekly, and monthly reports based on specified criteria
  • The dashboard is capable of displaying tailored plots and results, filtering information to meet specific requirements

Key Advantages

  • Enhanced Security
    Reliable and accurate detection capabilities, enhanced security by effectively identifying and alerting to potential intrusions, minimising risks
  • Compatibility with Existing IP Cameras
    Compatible with existing IP cameras, leveraging the infrastructure already in place and providing a cost-effective solution for upgrading security systems
  • Alert Integrations
    Seamless integration with various alert systems, allowing for centralised and synchronised alerts across multiple locations for efficient response management
  • Cloud-enabled Application  
    Centralised access to real-time results and data from all connected locations, providing a unified and easily accessible view for monitoring and management

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