Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

Comprehensive perimeter security with AI-Powered Video Analytics for round-the-clock surveillance automation. Reliable round-the-clock surveillance automation for high-security premises, ensuring enhanced security and peace of mind.

Key Features

No false alerts

Detects human movement only by eliminating background movements

Geo-fence Setup

Establish virtual boundaries for authorized access control.

Powerful analytics dashboard

Powerful analytics dashboard helps track every event and store log for future audit and compliance

Enhancing Surveillance with Intelligent Zones, Intrusion Alerts, and Tailored Reports

  • Seamless integration of advanced deep learning technology for precise intrusion detection.
  • Users can mark specific zones of interest to monitor for the presence of people, along with customizable time settings
  • Geo-fencing implementation for virtual boundary establishment, ensuring authorized access.
  • Instant real-time alert generation and supervisor notification upon unauthorized personnel detection.
  • Whitelisting functionality: For authorized workers, facilitating streamlined access management.
  • Face Recognition: Employee registration, database setup, and real-time recognition for authorized personnel, with alerts for unauthorized entries.
  • Secure mobile app: Register employees, enable Two-Factor Authentication, manage permissions for streamlined perimeter management.
  • Centralized Monitoring: Monitor all your remote assets from a central location without any on-ground presence.


1. How does the system ensure no false alerts for non-person movement?  

Our advanced PIDS utilizes state-of-the-art video analytics powered by our proprietary AI technology. This enables the system to accurately differentiate between human and non-human movements, significantly reducing the occurrence of false alerts.

2. Can the system be integrated with alarm panels such as sirens or hooters?  

Yes, our PIDS can be seamlessly connected to various alarm panels, including sirens, hooters, or other alarm systems. This ensures immediate and audible alerts upon detection of unauthorized intrusions, enhancing security response capabilities.

3. Does the system provide zoomed-in details of alarm objects?  

Yes, our PIDS incorporates PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras, allowing automatic zoom-in functionality for alarm objects. This feature provides enhanced visibility and detailed analysis of potential security threats within the specified perimeter.

4. Can the system generate customizable reports?  

Absolutely, our PIDS offers comprehensive report generation capabilities. Reports can be configured based on specific requirements, including multi-camera, multi-site, and daily or monthly reports. This facilitates efficient monitoring, analysis, and documentation of security incidents.

5. How does the system manage employee data?  

Our PIDS includes a secure application that serves as a centralized platform for managing all employee data. The user-friendly mobile app for employees provides robust security features, including Two-Factor Authentication, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of employee information.

6. Is the mobile app included in the system secure?  

Yes, the end-user mobile app provided along with our PIDS is highly secure. It employs advanced encryption protocols and features a self-registration function for easy onboarding of employees. Additionally, the app can be utilized for Two-Factor Authentication, further enhancing security measures.

7. Can the system track intruders even when out of Cameras range?  

Yes, We can enable PoI (Person of Interest) tracking by triggering Drone response. When an Intrusion event is detected, we can enable our system to deploy drones to that area. The drones can track and send live feed to a monitoring station or to local enforcement authorities for prompt response.

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