Customer Insights

Harness the potential of our advanced computer vision technology to gain valuable insights into your customers' behavior, empowering your business with data-driven decisions for success

Key Features

Comprehensive Analysis

Understand customers' demographics, including age groups and gender, to tailor strategies effectively. Access vital information such as queue length and wait time at billing counters, optimizing customer experience and efficiency

Heat Maps

Explore popular aisles and areas where customers spend more time. Analyze the sequence of paths they take to strategically position products and boost engagement

Loyalty Records

Track the percentage of recurring customers and new visitors to gauge customer loyalty and adjust marketing efforts accordingly

Trend analysis, custom segmentation, product placement, accurate reporting, data privacy for enhanced customer experiences
  • Trend Analysis: Continuously monitor footfall and demographic trends to predict future patterns, optimize space utilization, and streamline checkouts for enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Custom Segmentation: Create targeted customer segments based on demographic criteria for personalized marketing and messaging, improving customer engagement and conversion rates
  • Product Placement: Analyze customers' typical paths in the store, identify high-density and low-density areas, and restructure product placement to drive sales and increase customer engagement
  • Accurate Reporting: Receive clear, easy-to-understand reports with key insights, enabling informed decision-making and effective action plans
  • Data Privacy and Compliance: Ensure data security and confidentiality, complying with privacy regulations to safeguard sensitive customer information

Other Solutions

Planogram Analysis

Smart Shelf Space Analysis for optimized product placement, data-driven decisions, and enhanced shelf visibility to maximize revenue and sales

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Crowd Detection

Accurate counting of people, heatmap visualization and anomalies or intruder detection for safety and security

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Parking Violation Detection

Detect over speeding & stalled vehicles, capture number plates with the proof of act, and send timely alerts for hassle-free parking operations

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Remote Asset Monitoring

Efficiently monitor remote assets with Pixuate's AI solutions. Real-time insights, anomaly detection, and predictive maintenance for enhanced operational efficiency and risk mitigation

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Empower your Enterprise with Data-Driven Decisions

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