Face Recognition API

Ensure fool-proof security and easy accessibility with seamless integration of our API into your existing systems.
Exceptional accuracy for Indian faces
Secure Access Control
Seamlessly works across hardware platforms
Easy integration with attendance systems
Robust Anti-Spoofing Capabilities

Key Features

High Accuracy Face Recognition
Our API is trained on Indian faces, ensuring exceptional accuracy in facial identification.
Anti-Spoof Feature
Protect against fraudulent attempts with our robust anti-spoofing capabilities, capable of detecting both 2D and 3D image spoofing.
Seamless Attendance
Integrate our Face Recognition API with attendance systems, enabling efficient biometric attendance management for employees, contract workers, and visitors.
Face Access Control
Utilize our API to enable secure access control, allowing authorized individuals to gain entry using their registered faces.


How can Pixuate's Face Recognition API be utilized for access control?

>> With Pixuate's Face Recognition API, you can be integrated with mobile phones or tablets to identify faces already stored in the database, enabling secure access control. Not only this, you can benefit from a centralized database for matching faces across multiple terminals and locations.
How does Pixuate's Face Recognition API facilitate seamless attendance management?

>> Our API allows easy integration with attendance systems, enabling face biometric attendance for employees, contract workers, and visitors. The centralized database ensures matching from any terminal or location, providing seamless check-in, check-out, and attendance management.
Is Pixuate's Face Recognition API compatible with different hardware platforms?

>> Yes, Pixuate's Face Recognition API is designed for cross-platform compatibility. It can be run on a wide range of hardware platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, edge processors, and cloud/on-prem servers, ensuring flexibility in deployment options.

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