Automatic Vehicle Count & Classification System [AI-AVCC]

Advanced camera-based system designed to validate precise vehicle counts, along with their respective classes, entry, and exit logs

Key Features

Accurate Classification

Deep learning enables 3-D vehicle image-based classification into 16+ categories, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Visual Proof of Vehicles

The camera-based system stores proof of each passing vehicle, making dispute resolution easy.

Deep Learning Technology

Using the latest AI technology, the system continuously improves and seamlessly adds new vehicle types.

Experience the future of traffic management with AI-AVCC, where precision meets efficiency

  • Accurate  vehicle classification, including elevated axles, encompassing 16+ vehicle  classes
  • ANPR  capture for identifying returning vehicles, utilizing advanced 3D image  technology
  • Exceptional  vehicle count accuracy (99.6%+) and vehicle class accuracy (98%+), achieved through multi-camera vehicle image capture
  • Leading-edge  recognition of non-standard handwritten number plates, surpassing industry  benchmarks for ANPR systems
  • Seamless integration with existing Toll Management Systems, offering easy  implementation
  • Low maintenance requirements, independent of specific hardware, ensuring  cost-effective operations
  • Simplified toll and traffic management through a centralized, single point viewing system

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