Crowd Detection

Accurately count and track individuals in specified areas, visualize crowd density patterns through dynamic heat-maps, and detect anomalous behavior for enhanced security.

Key Features

Precise Crowd Counting

Accurately count and track the number of individuals within specified areas for better resource allocation and planning

Density Heatmaps

Visualize crowd density patterns through dynamic heatmaps, helping authorities identify high-traffic areas and optimize manpower and infrastructure

Anomalous Behaviour Detection

Detect and alert potential security threats or abnormal behaviour in crowded environments for proactive response

Securely optimize event management with our scalable architecture, easy integration, edge processing, and on cloud storage
  • Event Management: Monitor crowd flow during events and gatherings, enhancing safety measures and ensuring smooth event management
  • Scalable Architecture: Our solution is designed to scale effortlessly, accommodating city-wide deployments with ease
  • Easy Integration: Easily integrate our crowd detection analytics into your existing smart city infrastructure and platforms
  • Cloud Storage & Data Insights: Seamlessly store and access crowd analytics data on the cloud for historical analysis, trend identification, and data-driven decision-making
  • Privacy Protection: Complying with strict privacy regulations, our system ensures individuals' identities remain anonymous while providing valuable crowd insights

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