Vehicle Incident Detection System (VIDS)

Developed to catch the safety and security violations on roadways and highways. Proves to be instrumental in detecting over-speeding of vehicles, vehicles moving in wrong direction, unauthorized parking, pedestrian movements, and more

Key Features

Evidences of Incidents

Reports with the real time image evidence and timestamp

Works in all Lighting Conditions

Incidents are detected in the day and in the night

High Speed Capture

Captures vehicle even if they’re running at 160 kmph

Enhancing Road Safety and Security with Cutting-Edge VIDS++

Key incidents which Pixuate's systems are able to capture in all weather conditions  

  • Over-speeding
  • Wrong-lane driving  
  • Stopped vehicle  
  • Pedestrian & Cattle crossing  
  • Not wearing helmet  
  • Not wearing seat-belt  
  • Triple riding in 2-W
  • Accident detection  
  • Traffic flow
  • Banned vehicles on expressway
  • Detection of debris
  • Detection of fog, low visibility, and smoke
  • Animals on the carriageway

Why choose Pixuate VIDS++?  
  • Supports any ONVIF camera  
  • Scalable architecture with local Edge processing and cloud connectivity  
  • Can be integrated with Pixuate's high-accuracy ANPR software  
  • Integrates with Variable Message Signboard and push real-time dynamic messages  
  • Command center integration for challan generation  

Pixuate - Dashboard

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