High Accuracy ANPR

Pixuate's Edge AI-Box for ANPR combines AI with edge processing capability to enable efficient number plate reading in real-time and for scalable deployments across diverse applications ranging from parking to highways

We offer variants of ANPR to suit different use cases and vehicle speed. Choose based on your needs, upgrade hardware and software versions as required

Stop-and-Go Traffic: Suitable for Parking, Gated premises, Entry/exit with boom barriers. Compatible with any IP camera 
Slow-Moving Traffic: Suitable for barrierless vehicle movement at Toll Plazas, Parking or gated premises. Rated upto 30 kmph speed. Compatible with other brands' IP cameras 
High-Speed Traffic: Applicable for free-flow high-speed traffic on roads and highways. The most advanced software for reading number plates in low light from reflective and non-reflective number plates
Easy to deploy
Plug and play hardware with loaded software.Connects to any IP camera (Compatible with all brands IP cameras).

Works without internet connection. Ideal for all remote deployment and reatime mission critical usecases.
Alerts & Notifications.
Integrates with existing system .
Other Applications
Solution Architecture
This may change as per the solutions requirements.
Live View
Waranty period
All devices come with the standard waranty of 1 year and extendible waranty of 3 year.
Hardware Specifications.
Standard Support
All enterprise account gets a dedicated support portal for users to log the support ticket, which will be responded with 24 working hours with clear resolution steps. Dedicated engineer with will assigned for the the ticket. Working hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM from Monday to Saturday.
Dedicated Support
Standard Support + Dedicated support engineer for single point communication for all account related query.
What is covered in AMC?
Standard support + Application updates with any security patches and Deep Learning Model updates for improved performance and accuracy.

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