High Accuracy Footfall Count (HAFC)

Automatically count the number of incoming and outgoing customers in a store or any retail space, with real-time insights to plan your retail business operations effectively. Accurately predict essential metrics such as customer conversion rates, demand analysis and staff-planning

Key Features

Continuous Footfall Detection

Pixuate’s HAFC continuously detects and tracks people in the camera view and make a count for entry and exit

Centralized Results

Each AI-Box connects up to four cameras at multiple entry and exit points and shows centralized results for all locations connected on a cloud-enabled application

Powerful Analytics Dashboard

Powerful analytics dashboard to measure trends for peak hour footfall volumes with hourly, daily, and weekly count

Efficient footfall monitoring with real-time insights and secure data privacy

  • We ensure privacy protection for footfall count, as our analysis is done anonymously
  • Get the occupancy count with a consolidated total count of people inside your premises
  • The AI-Box is equipped with box counting and palette counting capabilities, along with footfall counting
  • Instant alerts via messages or sirens are provided in case of overloading of the boxes
  • HAFC can be deployed across malls, retail stores, airports, railway stations, hospitals, hotels, etc. (any space with a high inflow and outflow of people)

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