Red Light Violation Detection System (RLVD)

Identify vehicles that disregard traffic signals, jump red lights, or violate stop-line rules. Ensure enforcement and penalization of violators, creating a safer driving environment in smart cities

Key Features

Comprehensive Violation Capture

The system effectively captures any vehicle that violates the red-light rule, providing photographic evidence of the violation. Simultaneously, an ANPR camera captures the license plate image of the violating vehicle, ensuring accurate identification

Integration with Existing Database

Streamlining the penalty process, the system seamlessly integrates with your existing database to automatically generate E-challans for violators, promoting efficient penalty processing and compliance

Alerts and Evidence Review

Our Command Centre conducts a thorough review of photographic and video evidence to verify violations. Based on this evidence, alerts are sent via mail or SMS to the owners of violating vehicles, ensuring accountability and encouraging responsible driving practices

Detect red-light violations, log comprehensive data, enhance safety and optimize traffic management
  • Violation Conditions: The system detects a wide range of red-light violations, including vehicles stopping after the red-light mark or moving over the zebra-crossing, ensuring comprehensive traffic rule enforcement
  • Comprehensive Data Logging: By logging various data, such as vehicle images, license plate images, ANPR and overview videos, OCR results, plate color, timestamps of the red light start and violation, location, lane, and vehicle direction, the system provides an extensive database for further analysis and record-keeping
  • Enhanced Safety: By discouraging red-light violations and enforcing strict penalties, our Red Light Violation Detection System contributes to safer roads, reduced accidents, and enhanced traffic safety in smart cities

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