Traffic Audits

Pixuate's Traffic Audit solution combines advanced AI analytics with real-time video processing to provide accurate insights for traffic management and road improvement initiatives

Key Features

Accurate Insights on Daily Traffic​

Using advanced vehicle count and classification along with number plate recognition

Identify high traffic and low traffic

Traffic zones using our comprehensive dashboard

Process Existing Traffic Video Data

Ability to analyse and share insights of existing CCTV footage

Enhance road safety and efficiency with Pixuate's traffic audit suite

  • Pixuate's Traffic Audit Suite offers powerful AI algorithms for processing existing traffic data, providing accurate insights on average daily traffic and supporting data-driven decision-making for road improvements
  • With real-time video capture and analysis capabilities, Pixuate's Traffic Audit Suite enables instant monitoring and analysis of traffic patterns. It empowers authorities to respond promptly to incidents, optimize traffic flow, and enhance overall road safety
  • Pixuate's Traffic Audit Suite includes the integration of AVCC (Automatic Vehicle Classification and Counting) and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technologies. This combination allows for comprehensive traffic monitoring, accurate vehicle classification, and capturing vital information such as number plates, providing a holistic solution for traffic management and enforcement

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