Wagon Number Reading Automation & Wagon Count 

Advanced technology eliminates the manual process of capturing wagon numbers, offering a seamless and efficient solution. With a plug-and-play device and AI-powered software, the Pixuate platform revolutionizes the way wagon counting and number recognition are performed, ensuring accuracy, speed, and reliability.

Real-time Dashboard: Instant access to live updates and analytics, enabling real-time monitoring and decision-making 
Weather-Proof Unit: Designed to withstand various environmental conditions,  ensuring uninterrupted performance 
Automated Reports with Proofs: Generate automated reports that include wagon numbers, along with image captures for evidence and verification purposes
Easy to deploy
1. Improved Accuracy and Efficiency: By automating the wagon count and number reading process, the system eliminates errors, reduces turnaround time, and enhances overall operational efficiency
2. Enhanced Data Management: Centralised platform for managing and organising wagon data, enabling easy access, retrieval, and analysis
3. Seamless Connectivity: With 4G connectivity, we ensure reliable and uninterrupted data transmission
4. Versatile Recognition Capabilities: The system can accurately recognise even hand-painted wagon numbers, enhancing its adaptability and compatibility with various rail freight operations
Alerts & Notifications.
Integrates with existing system .
Other Applications
1. Read Container Numbers for Ports
2. Indian Railways Freight Management
3. Fleet Management with Truck Number Plate Capture
4. Improve Logistics Planning & Resource Utilisation
Solution Architecture
To be updated...
Live View
Waranty Period
All devices come with the standard waranty of 1 year and extendible waranty of 3 year.
Standard Support
Every enterprise account receives a dedicated support portal for users to log support tickets. These tickets will receive a response within 24 working hours, along with clear resolution steps. A dedicated engineer will be assigned to handle the ticket. Our working hours are from 9 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday to Saturday.
Dedicated Support
Standard Support + Dedicated support engineer for single point communication for all account related query.
What is covered in AMC?
Standard support, which includes application updates incorporating security patches as well as Deep Learning Model updates to enhance performance and accuracy.

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