Jul 2023

Simplifying Vehicle Registration with “BH” Series Number Plates

Solving traditional number plate issues in India
In India, traditional number plates have posed challenges for vehicle owners, especially when relocating to a new state. However, the introduction of the BH series number plates is set to revolutionize the vehicle registration process, providing a seamless and convenient solution for individuals and organizations alike.

The issues BH series number plates can solve are
1.No Need for Re-registration: The BH series number plates are valid across the country, eliminating the need for vehicle owners to re-register when moving to a new state. This saves time, efforts, and expenses associated with the cumbersome re-registration process.
2.Flexible Road Tax Payment: With BH series number plates, owners can pay road tax in installments, once every two years. This relieves the burden of paying a large sum upfront and provides financial flexibility for vehicle owners.  

The eligibility criteria
The new BH series number plates are available for the following individuals
1. Central or State Government Employees
2. Employees of PSUs such as BHEL, BSNL, DRDO, and more
3. Defense Personnel
4. Employees of Companies with offices in at least 4 states/UTs

The application process
Applying for the BH series number plate is simple and convenient, as the entire process can be completed online through the Vahan portal. Vehicle owners need to provide their official ID proof as government employees or employees of private sector companies with offices in multiple states/UTs.

Rapid adoption of BH number plates & growth
Since its launch, the BH series number plates have gained significant traction. Within the first year, over 20,000 vehicles were registered with the BH mark, and the number continues to grow every month. This widespread adoption showcases the effectiveness and popularity of this innovative vehicle registration solution.

The introduction of the BH series number plates is set to resolve the challenges associated with traditional number plates in India as it simplifies the vehicle registration process, eliminates the need for re-registration, offers flexible road tax payment options. The BH series has already garnered widespread acceptance among government employees, defense personnel, and employees of companies with multiple state offices.  
With the BH series number plates, vehicle owners can experience a seamless and hassle-free registration experience, promoting convenience and efficiency in India's vehicle ecosystem.

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