Aug 2023

Tracing a Car with Automatic Number Plate Recognition: A Game-Changing Solution

When a car goes missing or gets stolen, quick resolution becomes paramount. However, traditional manual methods of tracing vehicles based on number plates, car make, and model are time-consuming and prone to errors. Manual matching and verification also lack data insights and raises privacy concerns, since sensitive information is exposed to human operators.  

To address these challenges, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology emerges as an essential tool for efficient vehicle tracking and law enforcement. This technology is emerging as an essential tool for traffic management, parking systems, toll plaza management, and ultimately for law enforcement.

Implementing ANPR technology for vehicle tracing involves several key steps:

  • Installing ANPR Cameras with IR Illuminators: Specialized cameras with IR illuminators are installed at suitable sites to capture clear number plates, even in low-light conditions. At Pixuate, our global shutter cameras ensure accurate number plate capture, even at high speeds (up to 180 km/hr).
  • Ensuring Reliable Accuracy: Pixuate's ANPR solution boasts 99.5%+ accuracy and provides real-time reports in Excel/PDF format for easy understanding.
  • Fast-Processing Speed: Pixuate utilizes Edge AI processing devices for swift data processing, even in low bandwidths and extreme weather conditions.
  • Integrated Database: The ANPR system is connected to a registered vehicle database for comparison and retrieval of relevant information. Pixuate stores captured data on the cloud for easy access, including number plate images, timestamps, speed, and location data for analysis and vehicle movement insights. The software platform seamlessly integrates with existing databases or applications.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Configuring real-time alerts enables immediate responses to vehicles of interest or stolen vehicles. Pixuate's system automatically alerts authorities if a vehicle of interest is detected or if a stolen vehicle's number plate is recognized.
  • Ensuring Privacy Compliance: Strict adherence to privacy regulations and secure data handling practices is essential. Pixuate ensures secure data storage and handling and obtains necessary consent for public area implementations.
  • Maintenance and Calibration: Regular checks are vital to maintain the system's accuracy, considering factors like dust, weather, and lighting changes. Pixuate's ANPR systems utilize AI for self-diagnosis, detecting shortcomings in advance and notifying operators about maintenance needs.

By implementing a robust ANPR system with high-quality cameras, reliable software, and proper database integration, law enforcement authorities can efficiently trace cars using Automatic Number Plate Recognition, revolutionizing vehicle tracking and enhancing public safety.

Pratik S
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