Feb 2022

Pixuate's most superior Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Delhi Police Department special cell announced an Open Innovation Challenge 2021 to identify novel and emerging technological solutions from innovators, startups, MSMEs, and enterprises to tackle the problems affecting Delhi’s aging infrastructure and ever-growing traffic woes. The top solutions from winning startups and enterprises are to be further taken up for full-fledged commercial procurement by the Special Cell with advisory and mentorship by the top officials of the law enforcement agency and industry experts.

Pixuate by Cocoslabs Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd was shortlisted as one of the top startups by the Delhi Police Special Cell and AGNii (Startup India) Government of India agency in the category to identify number plates of vehicles with very high accuracy. As the top startup, Pixuate was invited to show a demo of its ANPR capabilities at a site identified by the Delhi Police special team.

How did Pixuate go about with the demo?

Prior to the demo, the Pixuate product team showcased an online virtual demo of its ANPR capabilities to set the context and understand the expectations from the onsite demo for all the stakeholders of the Delhi police team.

Pixuate product team put together an extensive well-detailed plan, that showcased Pixuates’ ANPR capability at dawn, dusk, and at night time on vehicles moving above 80 kmph speed.

The onsite execution team of Pixuate deployed our cameras and edge device with our proprietary software platform at the site identified by the department which happens to be near the traffic junction next to Todapur Police Station.

Showcasing the Pixuate Platform prowess to the Delhi Police, Special Team

The Delhi Police team drove two cars at a speed greater than 100 kmph speed at about 7:45 PM IST to test if Pixuates’s  ANPR platform captured the vehicle number plates accurately. The review panel of the Delhi Police team which consisted of representatives from AGNii Mission, National Forensics Sciences University, the DCP and ACP of Delhi Police Special Cell (Counter-Intelligence Unit) were able to access via the Pixuate platform dashboard the number plates of both the vehicles i.e., the front number plate and the back number plate along with the vehicle image in real-time.

And a continuous 24-hour stress testing of the platform was monitored by the review panel, to experience how the Pixuate platform accurately identifies vehicle number plates in real-time.

Pixuate is delighted to announce that we have successfully demonstrated our capabilities to the Delhi Police Special Cell to their utmost satisfaction and are excited to explore collaboration for a full-fledged commercial engagement with the agency.

At Pixuate we are also rethinking Vehicle Speed Detection Systems, read here to know more.

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