Mar 2022

Pixuate's solution propels global vehicle lifecycle management

What is Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)?

License Plate Recognition (LPR) identifies and reads the license plate of a vehicle – whether it is static or in motion. LPR is indispensable when it comes to managing vehicular lifecycle – with use cases ranging across traffic control, parking facilities, tracking lost and stolen vehicles, and so on. The end-user of an LPR system includes a wide range of entities such as the Government, Traffic Police, private corporations, residential apartments, shopping malls and hotels.

Pixuate: Democratizing LPR for India and Rest of the World

While LPR has seen success in developed countries like the USA, Canada and Australia, in markets like India where license plates are not standardized, LPR is difficult to implement. Pixuate, a deep-tech AI company and a frontrunner in analyzing images, videos and unstructured data is committed to make LPR accessible across all user groups and markets across the world, by making high quality technology affordable.

LPR by Pixuate: A 360o Solution Combining Best-in-class Technology and Superior Analytics

Our technology is globally recognized and comes bundled with the following unique features:

  • Real-time notifications on vehicle movement
  • Customized dashboard
  • Highly accurate number plate reading (>98%), vehicle colour and brand (>80%)
  • Stores the in-and-out time of vehicles, entry gate, and duration of vehicle in the premise
  • Powerful search options based on license number, date, brand and colour
  • Compatible with most cameras
  • Can be connected to barrier gates which open automatically for registered vehicles
  • Captures details of vehicles moving up to 60 kmph speed

Top Use Cases of Pixuate's Smart LPR Solution

  1. Law enforcement: ensure that a vehicle is registered or licensed, electronic toll collection, detect lost or stolen vehicle, track a stolen vehicle in motion, traffic management and optimization, etc.
  2. Intelligent Parking Management: vehicle colour, make and model detected along with LP number, in and out time, entry and exit checkpoints, parking space monitoring, monthly, quarterly and annual count along with distribution.
  3. Vehicle Monitoring for Smart Cities – surveillance cameras can be connected to on-premise servers with Pixuate LPR software and the software can identify stolen vehicles, count vehicles on the road and give density of vehicles on the road at a given point of time.
  4. Cloud based LPR cameras for private establishments – These cameras can be connected to cloud and it can provide LPR features to customers with no additional setup efforts. The camera can be easily configured by end user, get connected to cloud and get LPR capability.

Interested to know more about how to access our state-of-the-art LPR solution? Write to us at or call us 080 4203 9417. To know more about Pixuate, visit:

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