Jan 2022

How Can We Have Safer, Smarter and More Efficient Parking Lots?

Let us consider the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: It’s 3 a.m. in the night. A female call centre employee is just getting over with her shift and is in the parking lot to get to her vehicle and drive home. The security guards have dozed off, and the few cameras available in the lot are far apart with plenty of blind spots. Further, even if the camera catches any security issues, the authorities will not get to know about it until they run the footage. What can be done so that the safety of parking lot users is improved, such that security threats can be detected and dealt with in real-time?

Scenario 2: The manager of a consulting firm has been parking his vehicle at the same time for the last 5 years. And yet, every time he comes or leaves, he has to wait for someone to open the gates and record the entry. This causes him (and many other regular employees) to be unnecessarily late for important meetings or get delayed while returning to their homes from office. Can repetitive users be whitelisted for automated verification and opening/closing of gates?

Scenario 3: A commercial parking lot for a mall is facing loss of revenues and operational losses due to inefficiency, as revenues on metered parking are often difficult to track, calculate and follow-up on. Absconders, evaders and late payers of parking fees are often hard to identify. There are also regular arguments between vehicle owners and security guards regarding the exact hours for which the vehicles are parked and the exact amount to be paid. How can the management streamline parking lot management and revenue collection?

Whether you run a commercial establishment with paid parking (like malls, railway stations and bus stands), or public entities with free/paid parking like (business parks, hotels, resorts, and  Government campuses) or residential complexes, the above scenarios are examples of quintessential challenges you might be facing everyday.

When it comes to parking, License Plate Recognition, or LPR, can help in many ways. License Plate Recognition is a system or software which is used to capture and identify license plates on vehicles and run them through a database for accessibility, security, and management. LPR is being adopted rapidly in urban areas for several functions such as smart city management, security-related matters, and law enforcement. Pixuate is spearheading the LPR innovation in India and abroad, and one of the most popular use cases of Pixuate LPR is parking management.

From allowing gateless parking systems to monitoring vehicles on the watch list, the functionalities of our smart LPR solution are endless. Let us take a look at everything that Pixuate’s cutting-edge technology can manage for parking management.

  • Ensure Safety: Our software captures the image of each vehicle every time it enters/exits the parking premises. Along with it, it also displays the time at which it gets passed. This way, you can easily know the details of all the vehicles entering and exiting your premises, such as license plate number, make, model and colour.
  • Save Time: Your users can experience drastically reduced wait time at the entry points as well as the payment gates. Your parking lot entrances and exits will have shorter queues and less clutter. The barrier will automatically open for whitelisted vehicles/member vehicles.
  • Reduce Staffing: With our cutting-edge software, you can automatically identify empty parking slots and guide the cars with digital sign boards. Plus, barriers will open automatically for cars at entry.
  • Automate Payments: No longer will you need to issue tickets at entry point. During exit, our software will automatically calculate the parking charges and generate bill with a single click, like fastag at toll collection booths.

Further, the following AI-powered capabilities are unique to our LPR solution:

  • High performing software coupled with a reliable camera support.
  • Automatic self-corrective measures like automatic camera angle detection, detect even when the vehicle is far from expected detection area and auto zoom-in to find

These features make Pixuate LPR a high performance system which is easy to deploy and maintain, and works continuously during most of the on-ground /real-world conditions (like light conditions, change of camera angle etc.)

It is also an asset in terms of security, as it records and stores footage of parking spaces. It is a great solution for automatic documentation as LPR keeps detailed logs of all the vehicles parked with contextual imagery in the system. This enhances security measures and allows customer trust to be retained.

The automated parking management also reduces the need for patrolling and supervising personnel. Pixuate’s patent-pending LPR software helps in identification of violations quickly and efficiently and increases revenues in the long run. A quick alert message is sent to the Parking enforcement officer by Pixuate’s versatile LPR system for immediate action against the illegal action taken by vehicle riders.

We have in place a cutting-edge LPR that is a versatile system offering a well-rounded solution for parking related issues. It covers most avenues such as security, surveillance, permits, violation identification, dispute resolution, and access to limited parking spaces. These features make LPR an ideal solution for any private or public parking spaces where effortless management is required. Our system also reduces operations cost and increases the efficiency of management, making it the #1 choice of our customers.

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