Sep 2021

Pixuate's Video Analytics triumphs as Elevate Karnataka - Winner

A proud moment for the entire Pixuate team as we were adjudged the ‘Winner of Elevate Call 2 (2019-20)’ organized by the Karnataka Innovation & Technology Society, Department of Electronics, IT, BT and S & T, Government of Karnataka, at the plush venue of The Lalit Ashok in Bengaluru. Our co-founders Prathvi Palekar and Akshata Kari accepted the honor on 10th March 2020 as a recognition of our groundbreaking intelligent video analytics solution & high-accuracy thermal analytics solution in the light of COVID-19, powered by AI & computer vision.

Among the wide pool of participants who had applied for the program, we at Pixuate carved out a unique niche for ourselves through our cutting-edge image processing technology that gleans actionable insights from videos and images for corporations, enterprises, governments and welfare organizations. Our smart recognition algorithm comes in three modules – people, vehicles and objects – with use cases ranging across smart cities, highway tolls, stores & warehouses, & privately owned premises like malls, tech parks, hotels, campuses & residential apartments.

More recently, our intelligent video analytics solution has found application in thermal analytics solutions powered by cutting-edge machine learning to help address the COVID-19 pandemic. Checking for fever is one of the most preliminary and commonly used tests to screen for symptoms of virus infection. However, security personnel and health workers are at risk of being exposed to infection while conducting the screenings. There is a need for an effective, automated method that pre-screens large sections of the crowd at scale and with high accuracy.

The answer lies in Pixuate’s thermal analytics innovation – a seamless, contactless and rapid fever detection and mask-check solution for mass movement areas. It can detect even in high-density, moving crowds and there’s no need for people to walk in a queue. With a temperature detection accuracy of +/- 0.2° Celsius scanning up to 30 persons in a single frame within merely 1-3 seconds, our solution can be integrated with any IP thermal camera with ONVIF support.

As the world fights the COVID-19 pandemic, the key applications of Facial Recognition in battling the Coronavirus Outbreak like contactless attendance at workplaces and thermal scanning of large crowds at major hotspots like airports and railway stations speaks of “Technology for Good” with Pixuate.

The grant support and recognition from the Government of Karnataka will go a long way in boosting our solution’s capabilities, reach and validation. We would like to thank the organizers for acknowledging our contribution to India’s fight against corona and encourage key stakeholders of the ecosystem to explore our high-end solution to effectively control the virus spread.

If you are looking for real-time thermal and video analytics solutions for your organisation we will be happy to help you. Drop us a note at or call us on +91 80884 88636 !

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